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We take clothes from local recycling warehouses that would otherwise end up in landfills and remake them in our studio into trashionable one-off pieces that are released online on a regular basis. We love taking bespoke orders, and upcycling your "old" loved stuff for a reasonable price. 


We give weekly craft workshops to women in our local area and upskill them for our production. We are a nonprofit community interest company and want to build a rescillient fashion community. 

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Why have we decided to upcycle everything? 


Producing new goods is problematic in a world that is already overconsuming and is filling landfills worldwide with unused clothes. 

Creating sustainable clothes from scratch is draining our resources. For example, it takes more than 20'000 liters of water to produce just a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. 

And the process of recycling our clothes back to fibers and then completely remaking them into new clothes takes an enormous amount of manufacturing capacity and energy. While some clothes are probably rubbish enough to go through this process the vast majority of thrown out clothes 95% is still good enough to be worn again.


Of course, then I see the issue of bad design, fast-fashion brands deliberately produce designs that are out of fashion in a heartbeat and the standardized sizes usually don't fit anyone properly.


Upcycling by hand only takes creativity and a little bit of energy, it saves water, carbon emissions, reduces textile waste, plastic and chemical pollution. So apart from normal laundry practices, our factory is only creating a positive impact.

Old is the new new.


Why have we decided to produce locally?


Shipping trash around the world to be remade somewhere else seems ridiculous. Most trash is created in the western world, right here where we are anyway. We don't want it to become someone else's problem again.


But more than taking responsibility, we are creating jobs, local jobs and we have the chance to build a truly resilient community. Made in the UK.


Producing everything ourselves gives us the power to completely rethink production and create smart zero waste production methods. We keep design and manufacture under one roof to increase innovation, to breed a new culture of making, one that is kind, supportive, empowering and fair. 


Why do we upskill women?


In London, 358,700 women don't work because they are looking after their children and homes. 700 000 children in London live in poverty and the risk of children living in poverty is higher when the mother isn't working. 

This is why we aim to develop a flexible work environment, that takes the needs of a mother seriously. Handmaking in craft groups is a powerful weapon against loneliness, and making itself is incredible for mental health and building confidence. We provide jobs where they are needed most.


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