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I am Olivia Lara Weber, a sustainable fashion designer and a graduate of the MA Fashion Futures at London College of Fashion. An environmental eater, music lover, into anything concerning water, a cat lady, nature enthusiast and the founder of Trashion Factory. 


At Trashion Factory we take clothes from local recycling warehouses that would otherwise end up in landfills and remake them, into 'trashionable', wardrobe staples and one-off pieces. We follow the made to order and made to measure principle to save waste and create products that actually fit. 

Creating new clothes from scratch is draining our resources and we wanted to try and solve this problem.

We also love to take bespoke orders and upcycle your "old" loved items. In addition, as part of our vision, we give weekly craft workshops to women in our local community and upskill them while they support the production of our pieces. 

We provide different upcycling workshops for craftivists and organisations.


mission and values


We are a non-profit community interest company and want to build a resilient fashion community. In a world where over-consumption is a reality, we are committed to up-cycling these thrown out clothes, by hand. It only takes creativity and a little bit of energy and it saves water, carbon emissions, reduces textile waste, plastic and chemical pollution. By creating this positive impact, we can say that old is the new new with pride. 

"Let’s put people over profits and create a kind and empathetic workplace together."

In addition, we produce everything ourselves giving us the power to completely rethink production and create smart zero waste production methods. We keep design and manufacture under one roof to increase innovation and to breed a new culture of making. One that is kind, supportive, empowering and fair.  We also aim to create local jobs thereby building a truly resilient community. Made in the UK.


made to order

Wearing our pre-order collection of longlasting wardrobe staples makes you a zero-waste hero!  

There are endless possibilities for textile waste in the fashion industry. But we had enough of this trash and are saving it all!

- clothes people throw out - 

this is our material source

- cutting waste during production -

we are a zero-waste factory

- the stock that won't sell, deadstock -

we only make what our customers actually want

On top of that, we produce locally and upskill women. We are ticking all the sustainability boxes for you.



Wearing your memories instead of piling them up in a wardrobe. Remade into wardrobe staples they can be with you every day!


We believe that you should never throw anything away that is close to you, if you want your clothes upcycled please book me through Reture. Click on the button below. 


We give craft workshops that encourage you to develop your own making skills. We mainly teach sewing, alteration, embroidery and upcycling. Have a look out for future workshops or contact us if you would like to put up a workshop for your own organisation. 


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