Embroidered Iron-on Patch - Celebrate Craft Localism & Diversity
  • Embroidered Iron-on Patch - Celebrate Craft Localism & Diversity


    Embroidered Patch to iron and sew on. 


    We see a revolution happening! Our future  is one in which we value craft and the process of making. And it won't just be that; we will celebrate our local communities, find the beauty in what is already around us. We support local businesses, and makers, because we know that this is the most important investment into our future as a sustainable and regenerative society. We will recognize that our power lies in the diversity of our backgrounds, our heritage, and our approaches. 

    The celebration of craft, localism and diversity stands for the beginning of the end of capitalism, patriarchy and colonialism. 


    As your patch is made for you, it shall be made and shipped within 1 week from ordering.

    We have a 14 day returns policy, starting when you receive the patch.


    made to measure

    We all have completely unique bodies and trying to push them into standardised sizes is simply outrageous. The majority of people have to wear clothes that don't fit them properly and this is one of the reasons clothes get discarded faster than they should. 

    We'd advise to take your normal size if you are a woman, and if you are a man size one up. Use the size chart below to compare your best fitting jacket when laid flat and buttoned up. In the ordering form you can find two boxes, which you can use to give me extra information about the fit you prefer. For example shorten the sleeve length (standardised unisex size: XS, sleeve length 63cm), or/and widen the body width (body width 78cm.) and so on. 


    If you have any questions about the made to measure, or need assistance please drop us an email trashionfactory@gmail.com.

    standart unisex size chart


    Each jacket is made from preloved garments like these denim trousers. The khaki coloured one is made from army jumpsuits.


    These jeans would otherwise end up in landfill and pollute our planet even more than they already have. If you have used trousers at home send them to us, we are happy to upcycle them.

    The parts that are still of excellent quality are reworked and patch-worked into the pattern pieces that will then make up the jacket. This is a craft we are relearning in this century. Zero waste is our priority and we are reusing every little bit. What we have leftover from the jacket making will turn into cushions.


    Launching a product in Covid-19 times isn't an easy one. This is why I am modelling this jacket for you myself. I am wearing a medium, so it is  definitely oversized for me, but I think you get how the jacket looks like. Hoping to have a little photoshoot soon though. 

    xxx Olivia the Founder and Maker.

    The label is embroidered. No waste. No over-ordering. With each jacket comes a needle and some thread so you can embroider your name into the jacket. So that everyone knows this jacket belongs to you! And if it is handed down, imagine how cool it be to have everyone's name on there. Wearing the jacket's memories.