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All our pieces are unique, reduce waste, and are handmade in London. 





Wearing our pre-order collection of longlasting wardrobe staples makes you a zero-waste hero!  

There are endless possibilities for textile waste in the fashion industry. But we had enough of this trash and are saving it all!

- clothes people throw out - 

this is our material source

- cutting waste during production -

we are a zero-waste factory

- the stock that won't sell, deadstock -

we only make what our customers actually want

On top of that, we produce locally and upskill women. We are ticking all the sustainability boxes for you.



Every single piece we make is as unique as we all are as human beings. None of our clothes will ever be exactly the same.


What makes our brand different from everyone else's?

We put the design and manufacture process back under one roof. We upskill women who face employment-barriers and each of our makers is a little bit a designer. You could call it happy-making, creative agency, or handmade with love. 




Wearing your memories instead of piling them up in a wardrobe. Remade into wardrobe staples they can be with you every day!


We believe that you should never throw anything away that is close to you, this is why we offer a bespoke upcycling service. 



Upcycled with style. Our cushions are made from our own factory waste. They are filled with tiny textile leftovers from our machines. The covers are never quite the same, but we create themed collections. Get in contact if you want a specific colour range or number of cushions. 



Studio 9, 778 High Road Leyton, E10 6AE London 

Tel: +447592253210   

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